Steps to Arabic – Part 3
April 6 – July 30, 2020

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Samiyah Parkar

"My journey of learning the Arabic language began with Imam Aarij as my teacher. I can’t even begin to express in words the impact learning from him had on my life. He helped me build a very strong foundation in the Arabic language Alhamdulillah, which in turn really strengthened my connection with the Qur’an. He was the most patient teacher, and would answer any and every question, not just during class but before and after class as well. The way he teaches makes the language seem easy Masha’Allah and just makes you want to learn more. I consider myself lucky Alhamdulillah that I had the best teacher anyone could ever ask for! If you get an opportunity to learn from Imam Aarij, you absolutely must take it! May Allah preserve him and his family and make his students a source of Sadaqah Jariyah for him."

Asfia Ali

"I had the great opportunity to learn Arabic from Imam Aarij. We had very interactive classes and also learned a lot more than what was in our set curriculum. Examples from the Quran really helped with understanding the concepts we were studying. We also got added help with detailed notes that made organising our learning easier and we had some point of reference to look to when reviewing. I hope that more students benefit from Ustadh’s classes and become sadqa-e-jaaria for him. Jazakallahu khaira Ustadh."

Nishaz Abdul Salam

"I had the opportunity to study with Imam Aarij as part of the Bayyinah Access 3 course. It was a great learning experience and his well-structured teaching method and notes were very beneficial to me. We had the freedom to ask questions related to Arabic to him. He has also helped me to continue with my Arabic studies for the last 3 years. I would certainly recommend Imam Aarij and Qutoof Academy for anyone who wants to learn Arabic (from the ground up) and thereby understand the book of Allah."

Shakeeb Hasan

"Imam Aarij is a great teacher and the time spent with him to learn Quranic Arabic was one of my most enjoyable learning experience. He makes learning easy especially Quran Arabic which can feel at times very difficult. But with his help, you’ll be learning leaps and bounds and at the same time enjoying it especially in getting closer in understanding the Quran - the book of Allah."

Mahir Basheer

"Alhamdullilah, I had the pleasure of taking an Arabic grammar class with Imam Aarij a few years ago. Imam Aarij is very knowledgeable about the Arabic language and mixed various teaching styles including humour to help teach and solidify what are at times difficult grammar concepts. I thoroughly enjoyed his teaching style and structured approach to course concepts."